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(USA) Medical Marijuana Use: Miracle Medicine Good for Dozens of Diseases

Recently a long-distance patient from Australia sent me a list of the diseases for which marijuana was useful with the website addresses of the references. Here is Granny Storm Crow’s list.

dr phil leveque cannabis (MOLALLA, Ore.) – When the State of Oregon first legalized Medical Marijuana I disbelieved and was astonished at the diverse medical conditions that State DHS said were acceptable conditions for a permit to use: Cancer, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s, Cachexia/Anorexia, Severe pain, Severe nausea, Seizures and Muscle spasms.

There was NO medicine effective for all these. I deduced that officials at the DHS were into the evidence lockers someplace and found some GOOD stuff.

I found out soon after I started seeing patients for marijuana permits that the DHS was far too modest about this surprisingly effective medicine. As I continued to see more than 4000 patients I was truly amazed at the diversity of diseases for which marijuana was helpful and more so than standard medicine.

Recently a long-distance patient from Australia sent me a list of the diseases for which marijuana was useful with the website addresses of the references. Here is Granny Storm Crow’s list:

  • Anti-Anguish,
  • Addiction Treatment,
  • Alcoholism Treatment,
  • ALS,
  • Alzheimer’s,
  • Anti-Bacteriacidal,
  • Anti-Inflammatory,
  • Anti-Oxidant/Neuroprotectant,
  • Anxiolytic,
  • Appetite Stimulant,
  • Anti-Arthritis,
  • Anti-Asthma,
  • Anti-Atherosclerosis,
  • Anti-Autism,
  • Anti-Psychotic,
  • Anti-Hypertensive,
  • Anti-Cancer,
  • Anti-Leukemic,
  • Anti-Hunningtons,
  • Anti-Nauseant,
  • Anti-Morning Sickness,
  • Anti-Cough,
  • Anti-COPD,
  • Anti-Crohns/Colitis,

  • Anti-Depressant,
  • Anti-Dystonia,
  • Anti-Epileptic,
  • Anti-Febril,
  • Anti-Fibromyalgia,
  • Anti-Glaucoma,
  • Anti-Heart Disease, /
  • ADD/ADHDHepatitis Treatment,
  • Anti-Herpetic,
  • Anti-HIV/AIDS,
  • Anti-Lupus,
  • Anti-Mad Cow Disease,
  • Anti-Migraine,
  • Anti-Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Anti-MRSA,
  • Cannabis Neurogenisis,
  • Anti-Neuropathic Pain,
  • Neuroprotectant,
  • Anti-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
  • Anti-Osteoporesis,
  • Strong Analgesic,
  • Anti-Spastic,
  • Anti-Parkinsonism,
  • Anti-PTSD,
  • Anti-Prion Toxicity,
  • Anti-Pruritis,
  • Anti-Schizophrenic,
  • Anti-Psychotic,
  • Sedative/Hypnotic,
  • Anti-Spastic – Spinal Cord Injury,
  • Anti-Stroke/Cerebroprotective,
  • Anti-Tourettes,
  • and Anti-Tobacco – Protectant. div


Even I consider this list to be incomplete.

I can see a whole bunch of people jumping up and down and tearing at their hair about this list. Please understand, I did not make this stuff up and as a Pharmacologist/Toxicologist/Physician I scarcely believe some of it as I was incredulous about the first nine conditions stated by The Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).

For “Doubting Thomases” don’t bitch at me. Somebody – Granny Storm Crow – must have spent hundreds of hours putting this list together. There are about 10,000 medical articles about cannabis/marijuana. If you have a couple of years to spare start reading them. ALL HAIL GRANNY STORM CROW!


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