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Hemp (Marijuana, Cannabis) Oil and Cancer

A new policy statement has been issued by the American College of Physicians (ACP) endorsing the use of medical marijuana.

The group that studied the positive link between marijuana and cancer urged the government to annul their ban on medical marijuana treatments. ACP, upon obtaining results from their study on marijuana and cancer, had encouraged the use of non-smoked forms of THC, whichhave proven to be a therapeutic cure to diseases. The group, which is based in Philadelphia and the second largest group of doctors in U.S. had cited different studies associating marijuana and cancer treatment. The doctors had acknowledged medical applications such as vomiting and treating nausea associated with cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and treating sever weight loss associated with AIDS and other illnesses.

cannabis cures cancerThe group had stated that medical marijuana is becoming more and more linked to cancer treatment due to its anti-carcinogenic effects, responsible in the prevention or disruption of cancer development. In their study on marijuana and cancer, the group had discovered that cannabinoids can provide therapeutic option during the treatment of cancer patients, specifically those with highly invasive cancers.

ACP had encouraged the government to make the use of medical marijuana legal as it will benefit millions of people who have cancer and other fatal diseases. The group had also provided video clips in which explanations on the link between marijuana and cancer treatment and testimonials from people who got cured are included.

The International Medical Verities Association is in favor of THC laden hemp oil for primary cancer therapy. It wants to put hemp oil as one of its cancer protocols. Even medical science favors the therapeutic effects of hemp oil. Many studies have already proven a favorable link between medical use of marijuana and cancer treatment. As such, it is included in a prioritized protocol list with top five items including sodium bicarbonate, selenium, chloride, iodine, and Alpha Lipoic.

Based on several studies linking marijuana and cancer, hemp oil has been recognized as one of the most beneficial substances throughout history. It has been considered as food to malnourished people because of its high essential fatty acid content as well as its omega3 to omega6 ratio. The hemp plant has been used in medicinal teas and elixirs due to its healing compounds. Thus, medical science today has been favoring such compounds as its active substances.

The commercial legal type of hemp oil as well as the illegal THC laden hemp oil is considered one of the most protein-packed sources available among plants. Hemp oil can be utilized in transdermal and nutritional applications.