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Brutal press release from Health Canada shows their disdain for cannabis medicines and patients in need

March 14, 2014, In a notice posted on their website earlier today, Health Canada shows why they cannot be trusted to act in the best interest of Canadians who need cannabis-based medicines.

The notice was issued on a Friday afternoon so that it would not get much media coverage. But patients are already in an uproar as it has spread through social media.

The essence of the press release is that patients who had been growing their own cannabis are now legally obligated to send Health Canada a letter confirming they have destroyed all their home-grown medicine by mixing it with kitty litter, and also killed all of their plants.

If Health Canada doesn’t get this notice, then they will call the RCMP in an effort to have patients arrested for cultivation.

The press release begins by saying “Health Canada does not endorse the use of marijuana.” What an odd statement to come from the organization which is overseeing the creation of a national medical marijuana program!

The very first sentence reminds us that Health Canada doesn’t believe in the medical use of cannabis, and that the only reason there is a medical cannabis program at all is because it was “ordered by the Courts.”

Patients across Canada registered with Health Canada in good faith, to protect themselves against arrest for cultivating their own medicine. Now they are being threatened with police action if they continue.

Many patients will have perfectly good, medical grade cannabis at home. Some grew it themselves, others paid a Designated Grower to produce it for them. Either way, Health Canada wants them to throw it away and then buy new cannabis from one of these new companies.

On April 1, Sensible BC is promoting a Day of Action against these ridiculous rules.  Join our campaign to jam the phone, fax and email of Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health.

I’ve heard that some people are planning on sending kitty litter to Minister Ambrose as well, to illustrate the absurdity of these new laws.

Also, can Health Canada decide on a spelling for marijuana? Their press release jumps back and forth between “marijuana” and “marihuana.” How can they be relied on to run this program when they don’t even know how to spell the name of the plant in question?


By Dana Larsen

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