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Cannabinoids Can Treat, Prevent Prostate Cancer, According to New National Institute of Health Study

A new study using a compound meant to mimic the medicinal effects of cannabinoids has found that activation of the body’s cannabinoid receptors – something which cannabis does naturally – can prevent, and treat hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. The study was published this month by the U.S. National Institute of Health.

According to researchers of the study; “In the in vivo treatment, compound 4 [a synthetic cannabinoid] at 2 mg/kg, blocks the growth of LNCaP tumors and reduces the growth of PC-3 tumors generated in mice.”

They continue, stating that cannabinoids are a “good potential anticancer agent against hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.”

The study was conducted at the Instituto de Química Médica, CSIC, Calle Juan de la Cierva in Madrid, Spain. It will appear in print in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry


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