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Big Bud Feminised Seeds – Sensi Seeds

Big Bud enjoys a well-earned reputation for being one of the ultimate high yielding cannabis strains

sensi seeds big bud femenised cannabis marijuana

This feminised seed variety builds on the potent Indica heritage of the original Big Bud, painstakingly cultivated over many years to result in gigantic harvests of cannabis with a delicious, potent flavour and effect.

Big Bud originated from a hybrid of a strong, chunky Afghanica and a vigorous, high-yielding Skunk. The resulting plants thrived mightily and produced far greater amounts of dense resin-covered flowers than expected. Careful crossbreeding with an exceptional Afghani enhanced the Indica qualities of this new seed line, producing a cannabis strain with an XXL yield of such big buds that the name was obvious.

Creating a stable feminised variety of the award-winning original took years of work, and the resulting Big Bud Feminised seed strain reliably demonstrates all the qualities that original Big Bud is famous for. Production of flowers is rapid and enormous, yet plant size can be fully controlled based on the vegetation time –Big Bud Feminised flowered at the seedling stage can remain under 30cm tall by the end of the flowering period. Most of the solid, resinous buds form on the main stem; Big Bud is a known producer of gigantic main colas. Side branches stay small, enabling short plants to grow successfully even if close together. When grown to medium, large or extreme heights, topping the plants takes advantage of this feature to produce even greater harvests.

Feminised Big Bud has a slightly different bouquet to the original. The classic pungent fruit candy flavour has acquired spicy low notes and fresh, crisp top notes, creating a delicious aroma that stays interesting – a definite advantage considering the enormously high yield. The effect is an equally refined blend of deep physical relaxation (the classic Indica stone) with a dash of alert, pleasant high courtesy of the Sativa component in feminised Big Bud’s ancestral Skunk .

Feminised Big Bud is a great all-round performer, ideal for novices thanks to her sturdy growth and rewarding production, but also for those with more experience looking for premium high yielding crops without the need for extensive space and maintenance. Consuming the wonderfully sparkly buds is equally easy and rewarding, though in this case novices may need to take care: the size of the harvest does not reflect the amount needed to feel the effects!