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5 Reasons to Make Your Own Cannabis Infused Medibles

Medical Marijuana patients browsing the display cases at their local dispensaries can find themselves overwhelmed by the number of commercially prepared medicated food products available.   cheri sicard cannabis cookbookNonetheless, medical cannabis advocate Cheri Sicard, author of The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook (2012 Z-Dog Media) insists that the most effective cannabis edibles come from patients’ own kitchens. “When you make your own edibles, you have all the control, and that’s a good thing.  Making your own edibles lets you customize them to best meet your specific needs.”

Here are the top five reasons Sicard says every medical marijuana patient should consider making their own medicated foods:

  • Dosage: Cannabis dosing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and likewise no commercial edible will fit everyone’s needs.  When you make it yourself, you can add the amount of medicine that you personally need.
  • Strains: Certain strains work better for certain ailments, yet most commercial edibles contain an amalgam of different plants.  When you make your own edibles you can use the strain and types of cannabis that work best for your needs.  You can even make different type for different times, for instance indica infused edibles for nighttime and sativas for daytime use.
  • Greater Variety: While dispensary shelves are filled with tons of sweet treats, when you make your own edibles, you can infuse most any food, not just desserts.
  • Satisfies Your Taste: Why eat foods seasoned to someone else’s taste when you can prepare them exactly the way you like them?  Make it yourself and you control how sweet, salty, or spicy your food is.
  • Fits Your Lifestyle:  Are you a diabetic?   Trying to cut calories?  Want to eat gluten free or vegan? No matter what the dietary restriction, making your own edibles allows you to control every ingredient that goes into your food and still receive the benefits of cannabis.

About The Cannabis Gourmet Cookbook:
Author Cheri Sicard was a professional food writer and recipe developer before she became a medical marijuana patient.  Likewise she approached recipe development from the perspective of being foodie, believing there is no need to choke down bad tasting edibles in order to enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis.  In addition to over 120 delicious medical marijuana infused recipes, the book teaches the techniques of making cannabis infused butter and oils, cooking with kief and hash, achieving proper dosages, and how to adapt your own favorite recipes for cannabis cooking.