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Ride The Wave With The Silver Surfer Vaporizer

The first thing you notice when you get your hands on the Silver Surfer vaporizer is that it’s not some cheap plastic junk that’s gonna fall apart after a few months use.

It’s casing is made from thick aluminum.  While waiting on delivery of the SSV I watched a video on YouTube of a guy in Colorado smacking the Silver Surfers little brother Da Buddha across the room with a claw hammer, it survived!  You can watch the video here.

ssv vaporizer angle

Unlike other vaporizers on the market that have the heating element inside the unit the Silver Surfers ceramic heating element is not enclosed within the casing as you can see from the picture its located on the outside and is only covered with the glass heating cover. This means that when you take a hit the air only passes over the ceramic element and the glass giving you possibly the freshest, cleanest vapor.

The angled design of the SSV is not just for styling, it means that when heating your herb using the quick change wand it’s at an angle so no product will fall inside the unit during use unless you have a dopey mate that takes a fit of the giggles while hitting the vape and blows back through the tubing… you know who you are :-).

I have a Volcano Vaporizer that I love but the problem with it is the noise of the air pump and vibrations when filling the bag, this does not go down well late at night while other housemates are trying to get some sleep.  The SSV on the other hand is silent apart from a slight whooshing noise it makes when the air comes through the tubing as your taking a hit.

You can buy the standard Silver Surfer Vaporizer and a few colour options from most retailers, but for the custom glass accessories and custom one off SSV’s with your own graphics or that of one of the SSV sponsored bands you gotta go direct to the Silver Surfer website

The Silver Surfer vaporizer Unit is complete with:
– 1 SSV 120 volt or 220 volt unit.
– FREE hand made glass marble pick.
– FREE hand made glass marble temperature knob
– 3 FREE screens for your wand
– 1 standard whip. (includes standard PYREX quick change wand, 3ft. of 3/4″ food grade vinyl tube, clear glass mouthpiece).
–  FREE Super awesome padded travel bag made with hemp to store all your glass.
– 1 instruction manual

The SSV comes with a 3 year warranty but you can also purchase an extended warranty from their website, either 10 years or a lifetime warranty. The SSV team have 3 test models that have been constantly running for over 6 years and are still performing just as strong as day one.  Simply, the SSV has been designed to last for many worry free years!

Silver Surfer® Vaporizers purchased from Ebay that are not sold under the 7thFloorSales account are not covered by warranty in any way, shape or form. Also, vaporizers purchased from the following are NOT covered by their warranty. They also strongly advise against purchasing the Silver Surfer® vaporizer from these sellers: (despite the name, this is NOT a 7th Floor, LLC site)

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