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THC Espresso – The Volcano Vaporizer

THC Espresso is superior to a joint – The Volcano Vaporizer the ultimate alternative to smoking

For all who don’t know the Volcano yet, despite the soaring debate regarding the health risks involved in smoking. The Volcano Vaporizer is the most sold and most vaunted Vaporizer as it is the number #1 device utilized for medical research on cannabis used as a medicine.

Comparatively speaking, the Volcano is like an Espresso machine to enjoy weed or hash. Having a closer look at the highly praised device, a whole range of advantages becomes obvious.

volcano vaporizer marijuana cannabisThe purity of the vapour being produced with the Volcano is perfectly convincing; the unadulterated taste lets your favourite plant develop its full potential. Furthermore, the efficiency in comparison to a joint (where 40-50% of active compounds are lost without any effect) is astonishing, as you only need 1/3 of your plant material. But of course, the most important advantage of the Volcano is that no toxic combustion by-products develop, as it is the case when burning a joint.

During vaporization, THC is released out of the plant material at a temperature >180°C without burning the Cannabis. The toxic by-products and the related health risks usually involved in combustion are absent. With a vaporizer a fine, pure THC vapour, with a taste clearly superior to the joint and a clear sativa-like high, is developed (ca. 95% THC and aromas). But keep in mind, the THC concentration in the vapour is selected by the temperature – the higher the temperature, the higher the THC ratio in the balloon with a stronger effect to the body.

When vaporizing, one can use the same quantity 2-3 times, it is really economical. After the first balloon filling, take out and stir the sample to change the surface of the plant material, put it back in the filling chamber and fill another balloon until no more visible vapour is generated. Then the material is exhausted and should be replaced.

There are two models: the Volcano Digital, the digital version with a LED display, and the analogue Volcano Classic. There is not a difference in the effect when vaporizing, so it is your choice which Volcano you prefer.

A difference exists between the two valve kits offered, the solid valve and the easy valve Starter Set. Using the solid valve one can change the balloons anytime with heat resistant oven foils as used in the professional kitchen. The easy valve distinguishes itself with very easy maintenance and handling. The optimized design of the filling chamber makes daily use a real pleasure.

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