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Cannabis Cultivation: A Complete Grower’s Guide (3rd Edition)

Fully updated, the third edition of this classic book Cannabis Cultivation by Mel Thomas is now in full color! Excellent diagrams and images throughout show how to set up anything from a closet grow to a full size marijuana farm.

cannabis cultivation mel thomas grow bookDetailed information is given on both lighting and the associated electricity consumption, including all of the latest developments regarding lamps and off-grid electricity generation.

Outdoor growing is also extensively covered and different techniques are fully explained, enabling anyone to cultivate high quality buds, either discreetly in your back yard or at a remote grow area, all at very little cost and just the way nature intended.

Written by former commercial-scale grower Mel Thomas, Cannabis Cultivation divulges the expertise, tips, and insight he learned at the helm of one of the world’s largest marijuana growing operations.

Ideal for beginners the book is free of technical jargon and boring theory, and its step-by-step directions enable anyone to grow and harvest the highest quality marijuana buds safely using simple techniques. All of the important factors that influence growth rate, yield, and potency are covered, including lighting, planting mediums, pH, nutrients, water systems, air, and temperature.

The book takes you through the whole cultivation process from seeds and cloning to drying your harvest. With extra focus on small gardens and detailed information regarding security and legal matters, this is the perfect book for the home producer and particularly medical marijuana growers.

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