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Kannabia Seeds – Spanish Seed Bank

The story of Kannabia Seeds started in the late 90´s. In the beginning, Kannabia had a very complete catalogue of different regular strains from a lot of different places of the world.

It was one of the first seed banks in Spain which included feminized varieties. The bank was really well known in Spain, but it hadn´t any success in other countries. But in the year 2008, Kannabia started a new project, with new owners and breeders, taking away all the regular seeds from our catalogue and working only with feminized seeds.

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We have re-mixed the old Kannabia genetics to make them easier to grow indoors. We are doing hundreds of tests everyday to be innovating continuously, to keep the quality level of the seeds as high as we can and making our varieties even better. We have made a very complete and indica predominant catalogue.

Our plants are fast growing, very productive and contain very high THC levels. We have a team with many professional growers with many years of experience taking care of the project and working for the correct development of our genetics.

We have an exhaustive breeding program, which includes more than 40 stabilized genetics and we are studying new crosses and selecting new genetics to make new strains. Today, Kannabia is more known out of Spain. Varieties like Mataró Blue, BCN Diesel, Kannabia Special or White Domina are really well known by growers all over the world.

At the Kannabia Seed Company we are quite clear that our efforts are oriented towards growers. Taking their concerns and suggestions into account, we have decided to launch several new proposals to continue to make the growing and optimal development of our varieties even easier.

With this aim, we have 16 “standard” feminized varieties and 12 auto-flowering feminized varieties. We have also extended our range of mix packs from three to eight new ways for you to enjoy several of our genetic developments at the same tome. Our seeds are the result of an intensive selection of varieties involving count less hours of work, in order to stabilize the genetics and try to adapt them to growers’ needs.

Kannabia keeps growing — and so does out catalogue. We are pleased to present a new variety for 2011: Queso (Cheese x Mazar). This completes a selection of varieties recommended for growing both in doors and outdoors.

We really want to invite you to enjoy our passion for plants. We firmly believe that plants can change the world and people´s life in a better way. We want everyone to plant, even for one time. Just to try.

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