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The Cannabis Pickle by Sarah Martin


OK, yeah, it’s been a while. So what? I’m up and walking again, with the aid of a walker with wheels. Bless my cannabis, it’s been a hell of a ride. To deal with the damage, caused by relapse, I knew I needed high doses of cannabinoids. I did not want to feel the ‘high’ as I wanted to be active and so speed recovery even more. I knew that oral absorption of this amount of cannabis would leave me able to do nothing but drool and sleep. The same would apply to vaporising  large amounts too. Another solution was needed. I’d been turned down for Sativex 3 times so I had to find my own way back.

sarah martin uk cannabis activist multiple sclerosisI needed cannabis oil and lots of it. A quick tour on YouTube, and a few cannabis forums, told me this. These forums informed me that, extracting the oil with Butane was the safest method for me. My hands are nearly useless, my eyes spasm constantly, although somewhat less than before, and I can hardly stand at times.  I needed a method that would take my health into account with minimal risk. This method provides a minimum risk of explosion and minor chemical contamination, I hope. So far so good.

The bad days are coming less and less, as I continue to bombard myself with as much cannabis oil as possible. I blend cannabis oil with hemp to fill ‘size 2’ capsules. Today, I’m taking all the cannabis oil I can get out of an ounce of ground cannabis flower bud. I will then blend this with 29.5ml of hemp oil, using a low heat, and fill as many capsules as I can. I buy my capsule casings from Amazon together with the hemp oil. I put a pinch of lecithin powder in because of it’s medicinal and dietary benefits.

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