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TD ‘Ming’ says he grows his own cannabis – and doesn’t plan to stop

NEW INDEPENDENT TD Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan says he still grows his own cannabis and has no intention of stopping.

luke ming flanagan td cannabisThe 39-year-old has openly campaigned for cannabis to be legalised for many years and has defended his actions, saying that he wasn’t the first TD to break the law. Flanagan is quoted in The Star as saying: “Was David Norris not breaking the law by having homosexual sex back when it was illegal? Or the TDs who used condoms when they were illegal? At least I’m being open and honest about it.”

Flanagan says he grows one small plant for his own personal use so he doesn’t support the violent, illegal drug trade.
Read more of Fiona Hynes’ report in the print edition of The Star

Meanwhile, the Irish Independent reports that Flanagan – who vowed to give up half his €90,000+ TD’s salary if elected – says he’s going to use the money to fund projects in his constituency, rather than give it back to the taxpayer. Flanagan said he wouldn’t give the money back to the state because it would be pumped into Anglo Irish Bank.

Instead, he said, it  would be used to fund “recreational facilities” in his Roscommon-South Leitrim constituency.

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