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Cannabis Found to be Less Harmful than Pharmaceutical Drugs

Experts at the Health Centre of the McGill University have reached the conclusion that marijuana can be useful in reducing chronic neurological pain. The conclusion was reached by the McGill University after a study was conducted by researchers at the Health Centre. The research also found that marijuana had lesser side-effects, when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.
The study was published in the current issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The study found that the main ingredient of marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which provided it with psychotropic and analgesic properties, was responsible for relieving chronic pain, helping in the improvement of mood in people suffering from extreme mental pain.

The researchers also informed that smoking up cannabis, helps in an individual to sleep better and reduce chronic neurological pain.

The lead author of the study, Mark Ware, who is also the Director of Clinical Research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit at MUHC stated that the trial was the first time when patients were allowed to smoke up marijuana at their homes on a daily basis and provide their feedback on the effects caused by marijuana.

Dr. Eugene Dodoyi, a psychiatrist with PeaceFM News supported the discovery by stating that the drug can help in relieving pain and also help people suffering from Glaucoma. Though, he warned that the use of marijuana should be limited as it is highly addictive.