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The Cannabible 2 By Jason King

Jason King, world-renowned cannabis connoisseur and acclaimed photographer continues his quest to share yet another outstanding collection of marijuana strains in The Cannabible II.

The Cannabible 2 By Jason KingKing has been travelling the globe non-stop since his acclaimed first book was published, to bring us more of the choicest kind — aficionados will not be disappointed.

Featuring more than 200 carefully chosen cannabis strains, as well as his signature microphotography, The Cannabible II is gloriously visual and entertaining and takes the experience of referencing buds and plants to a whole new level.

Find out which strain King considers to be the ‘Holy Grail’, which strain will give a major jolt to the creativity circuit, and the high that’s most likely to cause a change in your plans for the day. In glorious spreads and sidebars, King also delves into such intriguing subjects as the marijuana–chocolate connection, the tolerance factor, the medical marijuana movement, and much more.

A testament to his dedication to documenting the finest marijuana, The Cannabible II is a book you’ll return to again and again.An excellent continuation to the Cannabible I, if you have one you’ll love the other, if you have neither get them now!

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