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ADD, ADHD, Autism & Alcoholism: Fake Lethal Therapy & Rich Doctors

Patients use it because it is successful, NOT because it is addicting and if they run out they do NOT have serious withdrawal.

(MOLALLA, Ore.) – You should not wonder at the title, but it is based on facts. Specialty months-long expensive clinics have been advertised to guarantee cures for all of them.

medical marijuana cannabis saves livesI’ll start with the first three. Medical Marijuana doctors in California found out almost by accident that cannabis/marijuana helped (ameliorated!) these young patients making them tractable enough to be near normal, a blessing for overwrought mothers (and fathers).

There are very many “hard shell” Physicians, Psychiatrists in particular and also Clinical Psychologists, whatever that is supposed to mean, and even Clinical Social Workers (that really is a stretch) who believe the HOGWASH spewed by the government and especially the drug companies. They both laud Ritalin and Amphetamines in many forms for ADD, et cetera, even with the knowledge that all of them have caused many deaths and the adverse effects are almost as bad as the diseases and sometimes worse.

I’m going to quote a faker (a euphemism) CEO Psychiatrist from Promises Treatment Center probably in Malibu, California. There are probably more clinics here and there. He says, and I quote directly, “Children with ADHD are four times more likely to develop an addiction to drugs (MARIJUANA because it works – my inclusion) and alcohol later in life”. This quote is by Dr. David Sack (M.D.) CEO of Promises Treatment Center. He further states “When I heard about using marijuana in children” (it works) “I was shocked! There is no safe way to dose a child with marijuana”. He doesn’t know anything about the proven safety record of medical marijuana in children. He hasn’t heard of marijuana cookies, which is the favorite method.

The Promises Treatment Center also advertises on TV. They are selling the book The Alcoholic and Addiction Cure. With his comments about marijuana, I can see why he needs TV advertising for him and his clinic. One of the main uses of cannabis/marijuana (c/mj) medicines up to 1900, was to get patients OFF Opium, alcohol and tobacco and it was very successful, having much less of an addiction liability.

Patients use it because it is successful, NOT because it is addicting and if they run out they do NOT have serious withdrawal.

I have had many ADD mothers email to me stories of their successes with c/mj brownies.

This information was found on PTSD Leveque or PTSD and Marijuana as SHOW SYNOPSIS.



Dr. Phillip Leveque has degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and minors in physiology and biochemistry. He was a Professor of Pharmacology, employed by the University of London for 2 years, during which time he trained the first doctors in Tanzania. After training doctors, he became an Osteopathic Physician, as well as a Forensic Toxicologist.

By Dr. Phil Leveque

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