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Cannabis Rebel NJweedman Tells All in New Book “Public Enemy 420”

“It is perhaps ironic that a man that the State of New Jersey labeled a criminal could now be considered a visionary, as New Jersey has just joined the ever-growing number of States legalizing marijuana.  A true freedom fighter, Edward Forchion was willing to lose everything he had ( including his own freedom) in order to promote a message that he knew was just and, he correctly maintained, was supported by the United States Constitution.  There are few men throughout history who have been willing to sacrifice as much as Edward Forchion for the principles he believes in and, in the end, his principles were totally vindicated…”
– John Saykanic, Esq., from “Public  Enemy #420”

February 2010 – And so begins the memoirs of the man most know as the notorious New Jersey Weedman!  Ed Forchion aka NJweedman has achieved cult status in the medical marijuana community and beyond for his stance as an advocate for his right to legally smoke marijuana.

A well known cannabis activist, even before its legalization in several states, he founded the Legalize Marijuana Party in 1998.   An avowed Rastafarian rebel, the former New Jersey resident openly and indiscriminately incorporated the use of marijuana in his daily practices and spiritual belief system, much to the chagrin of the state’s local authorities.  His legend was confirmed when he was arrested for smoking the sacred herb in front of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, PA!

A disarming intellectual, with a vitae that includes running for Governor, Senator and a Congressional seat in the state of New Jersey, as well as a stint in prison for various herb related charges, the self-professed “pot head” finally tired of fighting the powers that be.  In 2008, NJweedman fled New Jersey in a self imposed political exile to sunny California, a state that, per the passage of the Prop. 215 Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and SB420 recognizes the legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

“Public Enemy #420” is the tell-all memoirs of this marijuana activist. Ed Forchion is one of the few Black men in the medical marijuana community to actively and openly campaign, position and politic for his right to exercise his freedom of choice to partake in a ritual he considers sacred. Once a self employed truck driver, Forchion is now the victorious owner of his own medical marijuana dispensary, the Liberty Bell Temple in Hollywood, CA  at  5642 Hollywood Blvd . He named his dispensary the Liberty Bell Temple as an ode to the basic concepts of democracy and faith.

Ed Forchion’s “Public Enemy #420” is chock full of amazing statistics about the “politricks” of marijuana as well as the page turning adventures of his life. From his early days of trafficking marijuana, to his legal battles with the state officials in New Jersey, his months behind bars and finally his sojourn to sunny California, Ed Forchion spins a tale of “high” drama.

In vivid detail, he highlights his battles as a true political prisoner and his amazing political feats, including his successful refusal to submit his DNA to the New Jersey State Attorney ( and his Free Speech case when he was imprisoned by the State of New Jersey for making political ads that called for the “End of the War on Drugs” ( A landmark case, Forchion filed his own writ of habeas corpus to Judge Joseph E. Irenas of Federal District Court in Camden, NJ who after five months, ordered the State of New Jersey to release him from jail, stating his imprisonment was a gross violation of free speech rights.

The fact that New Jersey has recently legalized medical marijuana, after ten years of Forchion’s sacrificing his own blood, sweat and tears, is testimony alone to his title “Superhero of the Potheads.” “Public Enemy #420” is a must read for pot smokers, non-pot smokers and anyone who relishes FREEDOM!

For a first-look review of the book check out the Philadelphia Inquirer at

Purchase your copy of “Public Enemy #420” online at ; or at or . Purchase a copy directly from the NJweedman at his Liberty Bell Temple ( ) location at 5642 Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA and receive an autographed copy with a free giveaway.