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Medical Marijuana Expert Discusses PTSD and Depression

(SALEM, Ore.) – Dr. Phil Leveque and Bonnie King from discuss a very important subject, that is the connection between Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, or a lack of one to be more specific.

The Veterans Administration says PTSD is a form of depression. Dr. Leveque, who has suffered from PTSD since 1945, says that this finding is geared toward saving the VA more money as it continues to delay and deny veteran disability claims; a process all vets don’t outlive.

This retired Physician/Professor of Pharmacology, who still works as a Forensic Toxicologist as well as a Writer, says PTSD leads to Anguish, not depression.

Dr. Leveque says the VA’s reasoning amounts to a “wastebasket diagnosis” and he sure might know, having treated over 400 Vietnam Veterans, many PTSD victims among them, during his years as a busy physician.

His recent article, Depression: The Safest Therapy is Cannabis Antidepressant Drugs Sadly Overrated brought this conversation to life a few days ago. Today’s interview delves into this argument with some help from a dictionary.

He said that book defined ‘Depression’ as being, “dejected, dispirited, lowered in vitality or function or inactivity and sad”

He says the dictionary’s description of ‘Anguish’ is, “distress, difficulty, extreme pain, agony, torture and torment”. This, Dr. Leveque says, is very close to the feelings a PTSD sufferer experiences.

Dr. Leveque is a WWII Army Combat Infantryman. Watch for his ongoing reports on PTSD and medical marijuana here on, and send your questions to the email listed below: