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Buying CBD Flower Directly From The Farm

Buying CBD flowers online can often be hit and miss. What many customers have come to find is that what you see in an online store can differ widely from what is received in real life. With only a handful of producers and a disproportionate number of resellers, most people are buying CBD flowers that have passed through many different hands. This process ruins the appearance, smell, potency and overall quality of potentially good CBD flowers, never mind the consistency issues it poses.

There is no better way to get the best quality CBD flowers than buying straight from the source. HempElf were one of the first CBD flower vendors to enter the UK and Irish market back in 2018. Since then, they’ve built a state-of-the-art indoor facility, cultivating mostly indoor CBD flowers for the high-end market, and greenhouse and outdoor flowers for those looking for a potent deal.

What Sets The CBD Flower From HempElf Apart?

They grow their own: Unlike other CBD flower shops in Ireland and the UK, HempElf grows all their CBD flowers themselves onsite at their Italian facility. The team have been working together to develop unique and cup-winning CBD genetics for over 5 years, and have their finger on the pulse of your CBD needs.

Old-school drying methods: Once the plants reach maturity, they are cut from their base and hung vertically so that the nutrients from each branch runs down and collect in each flower. Other producers often shy away from this drying method because it takes so long, however, the results are worth it. This method increases the presence of terpenes and improves the overall appearance and formation of the buds as they dry.

Hand-trimmed CBD flower: All the flowers are hand-trimmed by the team, another long process that others often delegate to machines. The reason HempElf prefers to hand trim is that they believe that growing curing is only half the work towards producing top-tier CBD flowers. The hand trim ensures that no mistakes are made in removing leaves and other low potency parts of the flower. It also acts as a screening step, allowing for very small flowers to be removed.

Always fresh CBD Flowers: We like to see fresh flowers and a fast turnover of harvests, ensuring that what is in stock is only of the highest quality. Resellers are often at the peril of what their wholesalers send them, and given the surplus of low-quality CBD flowers available on the market, it’s important to know that your flower is as fresh as possible.

Shipped straight from the farm: It’s not often that you can buy your CBD flower and know that it’s being sent directly from the facility it was grown in. Each pouch is hand filled and sealed the moment an order is placed. Furthermore, the pouches are injected with a portion of nitrogen to ensure that they have a very long shelf life. Packing is very discreet too, with no sign on the outside of HempElf packages that they hold cannabis-derived products, and always using the highest-end sealing technology.

Indoor Grown CBD Flower

The highest quality flowers available at HempElf are their indoor range. These plants are grown on state-of-the-art vertical racks, with high-power full-spectrum lights and precise nutrient analytic technology that can spot deficiencies and other issues faster than the human eye. There is no other grow medium that offers this level of precision, resulting in juicy, resin-covered flowers with an extremely potent aroma and flavor. Our top 5 indoor picks from HempElf are:

  1. Zkittlez CBD Flower

This mouthwatering strain will taste familiar to anyone that has tried its famous American counterpart. Drawing flavors of ripe grapes, fruit gummy candies, honey and dates, it’s a full-bodied uplifting strain. Its flowers are dense and coated in shiny trichomes, and the flowers ooze with rich smell and flavor.

Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized

Effect: Energetic, clear-headed, focused

Flavor: Grape, sweet, fruity

  1. OG Kush CBD Flower

Named after another legendary cannabis strain from across the pond, OG kush punches our senses with the dank smell of cheese, skunk and fresh mint. It’s perfect for connoisseurs that are looking for a complex flavor experience. Its flowers are colorful, with orange hairs reaching out through the dense cracks of its nugs. Perfect for social occasions, for effects but also bag appeal.

Trim: Dense, sticky, large nugs

Effect: Uplifting, relaxing, social

Flavor: Kush, diesel, earthy

  1. Strawberry Kush CBD Flower

This berry explosion has us thrown back to chewing on sweet strawberry candy. Each nug is tight and pungent, filling our lungs with the clean, sweet and dank aroma of strawberry kush, and delivering confidence and relaxation with every puff. It’s perfectly suited for all times of the day, as it has both relaxing and motivating effects.

Trim: Large buds, dense, sticky

Effect: Uplifting and calming

Flavor: Sweet & earthy

  1. Mango Haze CBD Flower

A unique indoor CBD flower rich in the terpene Myrcene, this strain is geared towards extreme relaxation. We find that few strains rival the sleepy effects of this dense, sticky flower. It features a very complex color range, from orange to yellow and dark purple. These colors show a strong presence of flavonoids – cannabis antioxidants. A truly unique strain that can bring out your social side, while also knocking you out for a good night’s sleep.

Trim: Large-sized, dense, sticky

Effect: Relaxed, happy, social

Flavor: Sweet, fruity, mango

  1. Lemon Skunk CBD Flower

One of the most potent CBD flowers we’ve ever seen, this one smells like freshly squeezed lemons. The trichome coverage is impressive, with crystal-like hairs coating all cracks that appear in the nug. As with all lemon-leaning strains, this is an energetic strain and is best used during the daytime. It grinds beautifully and could fill up a room with its aroma, so proceed with caution.

Trim: Dense, frosty, medium-sized

Effect: Uplifted, energetic, focused

 Flavor: Citrus, skunk, earthy

Outdoor Grown Budget CBD Flower

For those that are looking for a good deal, HempElf has been working closely with outdoor farmers in Italy to provide a seasonal, always-changing, menu of CBD flowers grown in the Italian mountains. While these flowers are not the same quality as their indoor range, they are still vetted by the team to make sure that they are potent, smell good and satisfy their needs. Furthermore, they are always grown using organic practices, and frequently we’ve seen some unique genetics appear under this menu.

The Mountain Berry CBD Flower is an excellent high-quality budget flower that features the smell of sweet strawberries. You can smell the influence of the Italian mountains on this flower, an aspect that adds a unique floral experience. The broad range of natural sunlight unlocks some unusual colors, from green to purple.

Cheap Shake CBD Flower

The cheapest quality CBD flower is called ‘shake’. One thing that we like about HempElf is that they offer the ‘shake’ from their most premium CBD flowers at a huge discount for those that aren’t fussed about the appearance of their flowers.

There are two types of CBD ‘shake’ on offer at HempElf:

  1. CBD Flower Shake

This is the material that hand-trimmers remove from the flower when they turn an untrimmed flower into a symmetrical Christmas tree-shaped nug. Due to the high-quality nature of these plants, the trim material still contains a high percentage of resin and flavor and is often fine enough to put into a vaporizer or bowl without grinding.

This is the highest quality CBD shake that you can get. These are all the little nugs that the had trimmers deem too small to put into the normal flower pouches. They are mini nugs that still need to be ground up before use. Similar to the other shake, these come from high-quality indoor plants and are therefore coated with lots of trichomes and full of flavor and potency.

  1. CBD Popcorn Shake

The Goods CBD Flower Range

Arguably the highest quality CBD Flowers in Europe, HempElf also stocks the indoor flower range from The Goods. These flowers feature some of the most unique CBD genetics we’ve ever seen, often smelling, tasting and looking identical to high-grade Cali. Each flower pouch has a terpene analysis on the back which is game-changing for anyone that wants that level of flavor detail with their flower. The nugs are always guaranteed to be juicy, tidy and coated in trichomes. Some of the strains, like the Sour Sucker Punch, are guaranteed to be trimmed just before being packed into an order to maximize the flavor upon arrival.

The Goods are always dropping limited CBD flowers at HempElf, however, they also have some classic regular strains that are always available. Our favorite is Sweet Peach.

Sweet Peach has the look, smell and feel of the highest quality Californian export. Most cannabis experts wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Sweet Peach and some high potency THC flowers due to their uncanny resemblance. The flowers are extremely tight, dense and coated in a dense layer of trichomes. It has the flavor of peach, apricot and sweet candy, producing a gentle and sweet smoke that is pleasant on the tongue.


To date, there are few, if any other CBD flower shops that can grow, cure, trim and send out your order all within the same facility to guarantee freshness and good value. Ultimately, we all want the best quality CBD flower at the lowest possible price, reliably and consistently. This is something HempElf has mastered over the years and continues to improve on. We asked them what they have in store this year, and they shared that there are more indoor CBD flower genetics, an increase in the hash menu, and even cannabis-derived terpene-infused CBD wax. Keep an eye on their menu as this is one company that has big plans for us all.

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