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7 new Sensi Seeds strains for you to enjoy, chosen by our cannabis community!

AMSTERDAM, NL – Sensi Seeds is known for pioneering the cannabis seed industry, and as Europe’s largest and oldest seed bank celebrates its 35th year of business, they continue to innovate.

This time it’s with seven new strains, chosen by their cannabis community from the 2019 Sensi Seeds Research project.

Sensi Seeds Research is a ground-breaking endeavour that brings together the best of new world cannabis genetics with carefully selected cultivars from their extensive seed bank. In 2019, Sensi Seeds released eleven strains and asked their fans to vote on which three would join the permanent catalogue. Not only that, but the community were also asked to suggest, and then choose, the names of the winning varieties. Now the moment has come to properly welcome them into the Sensi Seeds family!

The three community choice strains

Here are the varieties the cannabis community chose:

Cobalt Haze Feminized (Blueberry x Afghani x Silver Haze, Sensi #11 FEM)
Cobalt Haze Feminized grows to towering heights and produces large yields. The plants grow well in sunny, warm climates. The Blueberry influence is noticeable in the fruity scent and taste, though it’s also possible to detect a hint of citrus and skunk.

Blue Bullet Automatic (Blueberry x Skunk #1 Auto, Sensi #119 AUTO)
Blue Bullet Automatic is a compact strain, which offers good yields. The effect is strong, relaxed yet happy. Upon consumption, users often comment on the potent effect, which is fairly strong for an automatic strain. It’s relaxing, but also cerebral and chatty.

Himalayan CBD Feminized (Kush x Hindu Kush CBD, Sensi #49 CBD FEM)
Himalayan CBD Feminized is a compact hybrid. The stone is potent and relaxing, the scent sweet and sour. It grows well in both temperate and continental climates, and thrives in a normal, warm summer. Alternatively, it can be successfully grown indoors.

Plus four bonus strains!

But that’s not all. When the three finalists were announced, it was thought that it was time to say farewell to the other strains – but cannabis lovers from all over the world had other ideas! So many of them got in touch to say their favourite strain hadn’t been included that the company decided to add another four varieties. After all, the whole drive behind Sensi Seeds Research is to connect with the community and respond to their feedback – something that keeps the business at the forefront of an ever-expanding industry.

The additional four strains are all indica / sativa hybrids, and here they are:

Silver Fire Feminized (Silver Haze x Fire OG, Sensi #32)
Silver Fire Feminized grows to average heights and produces impressively large yields. Users report that the strain leaves them feeling relaxed, happy and euphoric. It thrives in sunny, warm climates, and has a citrussy, spicy scent.

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic (Swiss Dream x Skunk #1 Auto, Sensi #41)
Alpine Delight CBD Automatic is compact enough to be grown discreetly, and produce a pleasantly spicy, earthy aroma. They also thrive in colder climates and generate heavy yields without too much work. The THC/CBD ratio is 1:30, and the effect is gentle and relaxing.

Black Harlequin Feminized (Harlequin x Black Domina, Sensi #1318)
Black Harlequin Feminized produces huge yields, and a scent that’s floral, woody and earthy. It has a THC / CBD ratio of 1:1, and offers an effect that’s wonderfully relaxing for the body and mind, with plenty of balance.

Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized (Black Domina CBD, Sensi #743)
Satin Black Domina CBD Feminized gives blissfully relaxing effects, with a hint of cerebral uplift. The plants have striking, dark green leaves, and grow to average heights. They produce incredibly large yields, especially with a little extra attention.

The response from the community has been incredible! Involving them in launching new cannabis varieties has been a lot fun and I’m proud of the results.”- David Duclos, Sensi Seeds Research Team.

Sensi Seeds Research 2020 – more to come
Building on the success of the first year’s results, another ten strains are soon to be released. For those who can’t wait, joining the Sensi Seeds mailing list will keep you up to date on all the latest details.