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Support Lezley Gibson’s Legal Fund

Lezley Gibson suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, unable to get a prescription filled on the NHS, resorted to growing her own cannabis at home.

“I’m a long-term Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who successfully uses cannabis manage my condition. Yet, like thousands of other British patients, I’ve been unable to access medicinal cannabis through the NHS, even though it is legal and doctors agree it helps control my condition.

Now my family and I are being prosecuted for growing cannabis to manage my MS. This case isn’t just about me. It’s about fighting for better access to medicinal cannabis for all British patients who can benefit. Please join my legal challenge by contributing now and sharing this page with your friends, family and on social media.

Although struggling with poor health, I am determined to fight against this prosecution using a medical necessity defence and drive forward changes that will open up access to medicinal cannabis for British patients.

Case Background

In January 2019, Cumbria Police raided our house and seized 10 baby plants. I was charged with the possession and production of a class B drug. If found guilty I could face up to 14 years in prison – despite the fact that I have a UK prescription for medical cannabis to treat my MS.

When medicinal cannabis was legalised in Germany, patients there experienced similar barriers to obtaining cannabis-based medicines. Legal battles on home cultivation were key to transforming this situation – the court cases resulted in Germany’s Medical Cannabis Law being passed in 2017, allowing all doctors to prescribe cannabis-based medicines and making it affordable through their healthcare system.

This court case has the potential to improve access to medicinal cannabis for British patients – but only if we can raise money enough for the legal costs.

If you’d like to help fund Lezley’s legal fight against the unjust British system then make a donation at