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Original Sensible Seeds celebrate 25 Years

Original Sensible Seeds have been growing your Skunk for 25 years and to celebrate they have released 3 new feminised strains and 4 new autofems taking the collection up to 26

Established originally in 1992 in Newport South Wales and now currently working out of Spain they have watched the industry grow from strength to strength and through their experience and knowledge Original Sensible Seeds know just what it takes to produce some of the most potent weed with exceptional production.

The industry may have developed and changed during the last 25 years but Original´s goals have remained the same and their continued ability to supply the best cannabis seeds is unmatched.

When they set out in the early 90´s their Bigger Pine and PR#1 set down precedents they thought they could never surpass but today strains like Blueberry Ghost OG blow them out of the sky. Taking the Blue Monster Blueberry variety and bringing it together with a Colorado Ghost OG cut has produced a strain that is truly outstanding. So much so that they they have introduced the Colorado Ghost cut into 3 of their new strains, Auto Ghost OG, Black Ghost OG and an auto variety of the Blueberry Ghost.

This year they celebrate 25 years and Original Sensible want you to join the party, they are giving away extra seeds with every pack you buy. Buy 3 + 1, 5 + 2, 10 + 4, 25 + 10 and 50 + 20 and of course the whole range is feminised and available to buy at The Original Seeds Store so here´s to a bumper harvest and the next 25 years – Keep on growing!