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GW: Pharmaceutical Cannabis To Go Global In 2012

BRITISH GW Pharmaceuticals are set to make their global footprint in 2012 as they move into Australia, Africa, The Middle East, Asia (not China or Japan) while expanding their business in the areas they have already been able to make an impact in – much of Europe and North America.

gw pharma sativex cannabis drugGW Pharmaceuticals this year are starting three Phase IIa trials on patients with diabetes, metabolic diseases and, in the first quarter of 2012, ulcerative colitis. This means that they are just working with patients to figure out the prescription dose that they will then proceed to give to all the patients in Phase IIb, where they will then determine if the drug has been as effective at this prescribed dose. Phase III trials for cancer pain are currently being recruited for with use of Sativex also. On Executive Chairman Geoffry Guy says;

“We have embarked on a substantial Phase III programme for Sativex in cancer pain, a major market opportunity…”

This means a larger scale trial and how the drug compares to the current ‘golden standard’ treatment. When GW scientists proclaim that a drug with no side effects or addiction is rarely seen in pharmaceutical drugs you can imagine that these trials will probably pass with flying colours.

The British Government also agree that there is a major market opportunity for Sativex. This is why they were granted a marketing authorization before The National Institute of Heath and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have even approved it or the Home Office have taken advice from its advisory council, the ACMD, on how to reschedule cannabis. This process is underway, cannabis medicine is being delivered to patients – but at a large financial cost to the NHS and to very few patients that it is intended for and who desperately need it.

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