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Magic Flight Launch Box Portable Vaporizer

A Fully Portable hand held Vaporizer called the Magic Flight Launch Box

Vaping with this vaporiser is as easy as A,B,C. Its unique design ensures you can vap easily anywhere anytime.

magic flight launch box protable vaporizer

Fitting in the palm of your hand this vape unit goes from off to on and ready to use in less than 5 seconds. This butane free vaporizer is so compact, portable and easy to use it is the last word in vaping discreetly.

It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient easy alternative to smoking with this smokeless system, however the key to the Launch Box is it’s portability.

Through the use of a single AA battery this vaporizer boasts a load-to-vape time of less than 5 seconds!!!

The main body is primarily composed of handcrafted renewable timber, with the addition of intricate designs and components including a Perspex rotatable screen, a 5mm draw hole and treated copper wiring, which is used to complete the circuit when a battery is inserted. It must be noted that there is also a very profound inscription, scrawled into the back of the main unit adding a very personal touch to the unit…

magic flight launch box vaporizer protable

The Launch box is both durable and dependable; there are no combustion by-products and little to no odour; as well as the fact there is no glass to break 😉 meaning you can just pack it up, put it in your pocket, and carry on with whatever you need to do!

This matchbox sized piece of equipment comes complete with

magic flight launch box vaporizer kit

-Two Rechargeable NiMh Batteries
-Battery Storage Case
-Battery Charger
-Cleaning Brush
-One Optional Pipe Stem
-Two Pocket Storage Elastics
-Step by Step Directions and also a strong and sturdy storage tin to hold all these awesome goodies!

Lifetime Warranty – Magic-Flight grants to all purchasers of the Launch Box vaporizer a lifetime functional warranty for all Box units. Warranty does not cover lost or stolen units. Shipping charges may apply.

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