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With over 30 years experience in the retail and wholesale cannabis industry CBD Natural are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy supplier of CBD products.

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Their previous knowledge of the sector means that they can be trusted to bring you only the purest and unadulterated natural CBD oils – whether they are for you, or your pet!

After the success of their cannabis seed business it made sense for the team to turn their attention to the burgeoning CBD market.

The team’s previous work in the cannabis industry means they are in the ideal situation to be able to advise you on some of the most exciting new CBD products coming to the market, without any unnecessary smoke and mirrors.

CBD Natural … The Grass Roots

As the team had successfully utilised an offline shop with face to face communication for sales in the past, it made sense to showcase CBD Natural to the general public in a real-world shop.

A fully licensed ‘Parafarmacia’ has been opened so that people can come and see the products for themselves and speak to the team about the best choice of CBD for them.

This has been warmly received and has helped to spread knowledge of the incredible healing qualities of CBD to those living locally as well as online.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Capsules

With extensive time working in the cannabis industry pioneering a leading European seedbank, CBD Natural used their experience to develop their own totally unique CBD products. This has taken them several years of research and testing in order for the products to evolve to what they are today.

‘Full Spectrum’ extractions ensure that all the necessary cannabinoids are present in the CBD Oil, an important difference which puts these medicines head and shoulders above any pure extracted CBD isolate only product.

Research suggests that the ‘Entourage Effect’ applies to cannabinoids, meaning that cannabinoids like CBD work better in their natural state surrounded by other cannabinoids as opposed to being extracted and used on their own, the usual pharmaceutical technique.

All of the plants that Natural CBD use for extractions are grown organically with absolutely no chemicals or pesticides involved, ensuring a completely organic final product. CBD Natural only use full spectrum CBD oil in their CBD oils and capsules.

What’s next for CBD Natural?

These are still exciting early days for the CBD market, and CBD Natural will be keeping an eye on all the latest news and developments. Why not follow them on Facebook or Instagram or join their cannabis discussion group!

You can expect to see new CBD products becoming available in the coming months so make sure you check out the online shop in the future.

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