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Multi Award Winning Cannabis Seed Breeders DNA Genetics

DNA Genetics comprises of two stoner guys who love cannabis.  They started growing in the late 80’s in the land of hollyweed; being in California they had lots of tasty and different kinds of herb to smoke and grow!

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They had also both amassed a great collection of seeds from friends, family, and those rare seeds that they got from bags of herb they scored.

In the 1990’s California, well the whole U.S. was not so Cannabis friendly despite Proposition 215 which legalised smoking and growing for medical use. We still did not feel safe.

So in early 2003 we moved to the Mecca of Cannabis, Amsterdam. The first thing that we noticed was the lack of quality weed. We mean there was some good herb out there, you just had to search to find it. So needless to say we got right to work. D&A figured out the perfect name for our seed company. It would be our initials and the basis of every living thing. Keeping it simple, DNA Genetics was born.

Many Californians will tell you that the best Bud comes from the West Coast.  This is why DNA Genetics brought their own strains, along with a lot of other California greats such as Affie and Kush. Since being in Holland they also have been able to obtain some great original strains like Nevils Haze, G13 Haze and Columbian Gold these all make for good breeding stock.

DNA Genetics have won many prestigious awards for their strains.

Chocolope aka: D-Line

  • 1st Hydro Highlife Cup 2008
    2nd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2007
    2nd Hydro Highlife Cup 2007
    3rd Hydro Highlife Cup 2009
    3rd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2008
    3rd Indoor Bio Spannabis 2008
    3rd Hollyweed Cup 2006
    Strain of the Year 2007 Hightimes
    1st Battle of the Bridge (independent grower)

LA Confidential

  • 1st Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2008
  • 1st Kush Cup Las Vegas 2007 (independent grower)
  • 1st Indica IC420 Breederscup 2005
  • 2nd Bio Highlife Cup 2009
  • 2nd Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2005
  • 3rd Indica HT Cannabis Cup 2004
  • 3rd Kush Cup Las Vegas 2006
  • Strain of the Year 2006 Hightimes

Lemon Skunk

  • 1st Indoor Hydro Spannabis 2008
  • 1st Outdoor Highlife Cup 2007
  • 2nd IC420 Breederscup 2008

Martin Mean Green

  • 1st Sativa HT Cannabis Cup 2005
  • 3rd Coffeeshop HT Cannabis Cup 2006
  • Strain of the Year 2006 Hightimes

Cannalope Haze

  • 2004 3rd Sativa, IC420 Breeders Cup
  • 2005 2nd Sativa, IC420 Breeders Cup


  • 2nd South Africa Cup 2008


  • 2nd Hydro Spannabis 2009


  • 1st Outdoor Spannabis 2008

Connie Chung

  • 1st Slovakia Cup 2008


  • Strain of the Year 2008 Hightimes

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