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A Democratic congresswoman is imploring the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to “reject any argument” that rescheduling marijuana under federal law would constitute a violation of international treaty obligations. She is [...]

Marijuana retailers in states across the U.S. will be giving customers the option to donate to federal cannabis lobbying by rounding up their purchases to the nearest dollar under a [...]

A new poll commissioned by California marijuana regulators finds that 62 percent of adults believe the state’s legalization law is having a “positive” impact—an even greater percentage than actually voted [...]

A new federally funded study shows that as the prevalence of treatment for cannabis use disorder (CUD) has fallen nationwide in recent decades, the reductions in self-reported CUD treatment have [...]

The Virginia House of Delegates has approved a Senate-passed bill to protect public sector workers such as government officials and teachers from being fired for medical marijuana use. The House [...]

Connecticut lawmakers have revived an effort to decriminalize low-level possession of psilocybin, despite the governor’s office recently indicating that it has concerns about the psychedelics reform. A new bill filed [...]

Nevada’s first legal marijuana consumption lounge has officially opened it doors, with a top local lawmaker smoking the inaugural joint at 4:20 pm. Patrons lit up for the first time [...]

Psychedelic medicine proponents are redirecting their efforts to use millions in opioid-related state settlement money for ibogaine research from Kentucky to Ohio. The original plan to use $42 million from [...]

British Cannabis, a leader in the CBD industry, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Goodbody Botanicals Ltd, marking a milestone in our wellness and industry leadership. This acquisition is [...]

“It becomes irresponsible at some point for some of the county officials to propagate these lies.” By Bryan P. Sears, Maryland Matters An effort by some counties to use zoning [...]

Numerous leading veterans groups and a group of prominent US law enforcement leaders have become the latest to throw their weight behind rescheduling cannabis. The growing pressure comes as some [...]

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is projecting that a bill to protect people from being denied federal jobs or security clearances over past marijuana use would have “negligible” costs for [...]

A quick but comprehensive primer on cannabis strains: how they’ve evolved, how they’re named and the role of seed banks. The post A Guide to the Evolution of Cannabis Strains [...]

A major cannabis testing lab in Mississippi has been shut down by the state’s regulator after toxins were discovered in samples it had cleared. Last week, the Mississippi State Department [...]

The New Hampshire House of Representatives has voted to advance a bill that would legalize cannabis for adults and create a tightly regulated legal marijuana industry. The post New Hampshire [...]

President Juan Orlando Hernandez, once an outspoken advocate of stamping out drug crime now accused of corruption and taking piles of money from cartels for police protection, began trial in [...]

Metrc is the latest development for Kentucky’s growing medical cannabis program, which is set to begin in January 2025. The post Metrc Announces Cannabis Track-and-Trace Contract With Kentucky appeared first [...]

Snoop Dogg posted a video smoking a blunt in the studio, and commenters were quick to point out that his grandkids were present. The post Instagram Flips After Snoop Dogg [...]

Libby Clarke, managing consultant for Toxicology at Broughton, explores how CBD companies can optimise their testing strategies. The post Broughton: How to design a robust CBD testing strategy appeared first [...]

ICYMI: Catch up on the week’s latest news from across the cannabis spectrum. The post Week in Review: Germany Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis appeared first on Cannabis Now. [...]