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Cannabis plants found on site of Del Boy’s Brighton allotment

Cannabis plants the size of Christmas trees have been discovered on the site of Del Boy’s old allotment.

Police who raided the Brighton address – which was featured in a famous episode of Only Fools and Horses – were stunned to find 14-foot plants with stems up to six inches thick.

They interviewed a 70-year-old man but no arrests have been made.

del boy and rodney trotter Sussex Police visited the Moulsecoomb Estate allotments, off Natal Road, Brighton, at about 4pm on Wednesday.

They removed four plants from a greenhouse on a plot behind houses on Southall Avenue.

The monster plants had grown through the roof of the structure to heights of up to 14 feet. They estimated the amount of cannabis found was equivalent to about 100 normal-sized plants.

Sergeant James Ward of Sussex Police said: “The scenes of crime officers had never seen anything like it.

The allotments featured in a well known episode of the BBC comedy Only Fools and Horses, in which the Trotter family used a hidden hose to claim they had found a natural springwater source and start a lucrative water brand called “Peckham Spring”.

“It’s a bit of an eye-opener.”

Catherine Long, 27, who shares the site, said: “The Only Fools and Horses episode was about dodgy goings-on at these allotments.

“Maybe there’s something in the water here.”

By Ben Parsons
Source: http://www.theargus.co.uk

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