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Mass protest at drugs laws

REDDITCH is getting set for a mass protest against “out of date” cannabis laws which has attracted attention from across the globe.

The protest is being organised by a campaigner called Pinky, from the Protest London organisation, who said he wanted to “hit” Home Secretary and Redditch MP Jacqui Smith “where it most hurts”.

Thousands of people are expected to gather in Redditch Town Centre on Saturday from 11am to voice their support for the legalisation of cannabis.

Pinky, who uses cannabis for medicinal purposes, said: “Cannabis should be controlled, taxed and licensed. The current law is completely out of date.

“Redditch is the home of Jacqui Smith. We will hit her where it hurts most – home.

“We are still being ignored, but this protest is going to be big. We have a large PA, and reggae MC Ras Bruno will be attending. I’m the most talked about activist online at the moment. People are watching this protest worldwide, I’ve received emails from as far as Australia.

“I’ve also had emails from people in Paris and Holland who want to come and join the protest.”

Pinky said he and fellow campaigners had contacted Jacqui Smith but received no response and that Ms Smith had ignored advice given to her by the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, where most of its members judged that cannabis should remain a Class C drug and not be upgraded.

He added: “Jacqui Smith and this out of date government have a lot of questions to answer. I would personally like to invite her to our protest. She has made a mistake – not us.”

Alun Buffry, a founder-member of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance said: “Several years ago, we challenged the Home Office to explain why our government insists on punishing people for possession or cultivation of cannabis plants for their own use in their own private homes if they do no harm.

“We feel it’s time the Government answered this simple question: Why do you arrest people for cannabis even when they’ve done no harm to others and even when they claim medical or other benefit from its use?

“That is why we call upon the Home Secretary to come and tell us in Redditch. However we expect the usual response – the diary is full.”

A spokesman for Jacqui Smith said: “As ever Jacqui will be glad to meet any constituent at one of her surgeries – we have had no request for a meeting or an appointment from anyone connected with the campaign.”

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