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Omagh to Host Pro-Cannabis Demo

Omagh medicinal cannabis group

The Omagh Medicinal Cannabis Support group will be holding it’s first demo in the town.

The demonstration will be held at Oasis Plaza Omagh (Beside Omagh Bus Depot) + 12 noon on Saturday the 19th of March, there will also be a social gathering afterwards in Annie’s Bar with music from local act The Twisted Sisters.

Founder of the Omagh Medicinal Cannabis Support group Kieran McCrory who consumes cannabis oil in an effort to extend his life by stopping a brain tumor from getting any bigger was reported by Michael Devlin of the Ulster Hearald as saying

“We would like everyone to be able to face the camera but there is still a stigma attached to the use of cannabis, even for medicinal purposes,” he said. “Part of what we’re trying to do here, as well as getting the government to rethink their stance on medicinal cannabis, is take the whole stigma out of using this medicine – and it is a medicine.”

“These are ordinary people with ordinary jobs, people who have been affected by disease and who want to use medicinal cannabis as a form of treatment,” he continued. “This is a working man’s revolution.

“For me personally, I need this stuff to stay alive longer than the doctors have predicted. It’s a matter of life and death.

“Absolutely, we would like to see people come along to support us on the day and you don’t have to be a medicinal cannabis user to do that.”