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Legalise Cannabis Alliance Reaches Out

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) formed as a single issue political party in 1999.

legalise cannabis allianceIt did not take long to produce a set of Principles, Aims and Proposals, as well as a Manifesto (Cannabis: Legalise and Utilise) and to form an Administrative Committee.  Since then the LCA stood in many elections, Howards Marks stood as a candidate and we had a party political broadcast in Wales, as well as a feature on The Politics Show, Sky News, BBC News, Radio 1, Radio 4 and Top Gear, as well as local and national press.

As Britains politics failed, the LCA faced changes, it was decided at a members meeting by vote that the LCA should de-register as a political party, and reform as a pressure group, it seemed there were far too many important issues for the LCA to stand a chance as a single issue, when people were growing concerned by war, terrorism, the environment, failing education and rising crime.

As a pressure group the LCA hopes to attract members from all walks of life, including members of all political groups, in politics you can only support one group, and being out of politics means that hardcore labour and conservative members can still be part of a campaign, that they could not join when we were a political party.

Our aim now is to unite all cannabis users and change the law, through events, publicity stunts and press pressure.

We have a public forum for everyone to join for free

We have an information website with all the history and info you need at

Join us!

We have a membership for those who wish to support the LCA at £24.00 per year (50p a week) it helps run the forums, and administration of the LCA, as well as helping with leaflet printing, event organisation and transport costs to attend news/press events.


Members get exclusive discounts at online and high street retailers in the UK, a membership card and regular newsletter, as well as access to a dedicated private members forum, where you can discuss how to move the campaign forward.

We have a Cannabis Think Tank in the public forum, where you can post ideas for the LCA to consider putting into action.


There are now several ways that money can be paid into the LCA Bank Account with NatWest.

1) Standing Order – pay £2, £5, £25, whatever you can afford, direct from your own bank account to the LCA – monthly, quarterly etc. Forms available from the LCA on request.

2) Through NOCHEX using your DEBIT card (not credit card) – this involves a simple process of registering your Debit Card with NOCHEX (which is free) and transferring the funds. See:

3) By paying into any branch of NatWest or your own bank, without charge (other banks may charge a small fee) to the LCA, Norwich Branch.

4) By sending cash, cheques or postal orders (pay “LCA”) or unused postage stamps to LCA, PO Box 2883, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 9EE


There are various ways in which you can help raise funds.

1) Collections amongst your friends and colleagues
2) Collection tins in local shops
3) Fund-raising events such as gigs, concerts, garden parties, sponsored walks, runs, cycling, haircuts or even parachute jumping
4) You can buy No VICTIM NO CRIME stickers from us at £5.00 per 100 (5 pence each) and sell them for 10 pence each.


1) Endorsees – encourage other people to sign in support of our Principles, Aims and Proposals – see and to become members
2) Petition – collect names and either send the forms back to us or enter the names on-line yourself (please only names of genuine supporters who have signed a form and are aware that their name will appear on line)
3) Fliers – deliver and / or hand out fliers in your area or at events.
Remember please that fliers are costly and therefore need to be targeted to reach the right people: that is
– people who already support us but need to be encouraged to join
– general public
– students and those interested in the USES of cannabis or the ORIGINS of prohibition
4) Arrange an information stall at events and distribute our literature
5) Arrange a public meeting – we can usually provide some excellent orators
6) Other events – marches, rallies, smoky picnics
7) Write letters to your MP and the local and national press. LCA run a letter-writers list on which members are sent occasional news items to respond to. Contact me to subscribe.


1) Local agents
2) People willing to speak to press, radio, TV
3) Web designers, poster and flier designers
4) TV and radio spokespersons
5) Flier distributors

We need ideas to help get our message through to members of the public and eventually persuade the politicians to legalise cannabis and put people first.

We hope that you can help in any of the above ways – let us know – or if you have ideas of your own or skills to offer.

Please get in touch with us

Dilys Wood (LCA Secratary)

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA),PO Box 2883, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 9EE.

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