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(USA) You Can Now Legally Use iPhone to Find Cannabis

Apple Approves Potent Application called Cannabis to find the real thing.

(LOS ANGELES) – This week Apple releases a new iPhone and iPod Touch application which allows users to locate cannabis resources worldwide including the nearest medical cannabis collectives, doctors, attorneys, organizations, and other patient services in the states, such as California, that have passed laws allowing medical cannabis — also commonly referred to as marijuana.
Imagine you are an iPhone user who has been dealing with a chronic condition that you believe can be alleviated with cannabis to improve your quality of life. You now have the ability to access all the resources you need at your finger tips to access medical cannabis in states that have approved medical cannabis legislation. Pull out your iPhone or iPod Touch, download the “Cannabis” application from iTunes and locate a medical cannabis doctor near you.

Once you have received your medical cannabis recommendation from a qualified physician, you will need to locate an organization that can provide you with medical cannabis. Access the Cannabis application again. Press locate. The nearest medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives or facilities will appear with little green dots on a map of your current or selected location. Get real-time door-to-door directions. Add the locations’ details to your iPhone contact list.

If the unfortunate happens, and you find yourself in legal trouble over your medicinal herb, pull out your cannabis application once again. Pin point local attorneys who specialize in marijuana-related offenses.

Not living in a medical cannabis state? The only way to make cannabis change is to take action. Your new iPhone application will locate the nearest cannabis-reform group so you can get involved.

Vacationing in Amsterdam? Find international cannabis coffee shops in regions that have approved cannabis for adult-responsible use. and Cannabis Apps released this application to empower marijuana consumers — adult-responsible users and medical cannabis patients — and to help connect the global hemp movement.


* Search by City * Search by Zip/Postal Codes * Bookmark Listings * Add Listings to Contact * Lookup Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites for a 1000+ listings * Directory Tended by Patient ID Center and AJNAG * Supplied by and databases * Live News, Videos, Activism Tools, and Cannabis Menus (Coming soon)

In 2006, originated as the first medical-cannabis-locator system on the Web to provide Internet users with an easy and safe way to find nearby medical cannabis collectives, doctors, and attorneys. The site quickly spawned into an educational tool to promote awareness among cannabis users and supporters locally, nationally and globally.

Cannabis Apps consists of a software development and digital activist team focused on cultivating the most useful iPhone applications for the cannabis industry and movement.

In May 2009, Julian Cain, a software engineer and a legal cannabis patient, found a serious need to develop a mobile application that allows patients to quickly locate medicine right from their iPhone. The first protoype was demonstrated to Devin Calloway, the Founder and Webculturist of Calloway, being a web engineer, digital activist, and medical cannabis patient, shared the same vision with Cain.

The vision that technology should be used to converge mother earth, politics, and empower cannabis consumers. The two immediately connected. A week later cannabis data was being delivered from the Ajnag web server to the newly harvested mobile iPhone application.

As a conscious effort to empower the cannabis movement, will donate $.50 cents for every “Cannabis”, the application, purchase to a cannabis non-profit reform fund, which will be setup once the application reaches 1000 subscriptions. The non-profit will unite with the many cannabis organizations and raise money for grassroots media campaigning.


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