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(USA) New Hampshire govenor still wary of medical marijuana

Almost lost in the hullabaloo this week of passage of the state budget is the Legislature’s final approval of the medical marijuana bill.

Now it’s a question of whether Democratic Gov. John Lynch will sign it.

medical marijuana prescreptionAnd he’s not saying, playing the Sphinx, but giving indications he’s not all that enamored with the bill.

The legislation was changed from the House to the Senate as a result of some of the governor’s concerns, namely who would be responsible for growing and dispensing the marijuana.

The House version allowed patients to cultivate a small amount of the weed. That didn’t sit well with the governor. The Senate, after some study, came back with the idea of “compassion centers,” which would be licensed and located throughout the state to distribute the marijuana to those medical patients with a doctor’s prescription.

New Hampshire would become the 14th state to legalize the distribution and use of medical marijuana. But after the final version passed the Legislature on Wednesday Lynch said he had not read the final version, but remained concerned about preventing marijuana cultivation and distribution., which has been advocating for medical marijuana passage through the legislative session, is encouraging supporters to contact the governor.

“For the sake of protecting some of the most vulnerable people in our state, please contact Governor Lynch today and ask him not to veto this important reform,” the organization says.

By Paul Briand

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