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(RUS) Air traffic controller detained for smoking hashish at work

An air traffic controller has been detained with a large quantity of hash oil tobacco, which he regularly smoked at home and at work.

Vladivostok police, in Russia’s Far East, detained Vasily Kravchenko as he was driving home in his car carrying a pack of tobacco mixed with hashish oil, reports.

The 25-year-old turned out to be an air traffic controller working at Vladivostok airport.

An investigation revealed that he had been a devoted hash smoker ever since he left the army several years ago.

The young man smoked drugs constantly, including when he coordinated the landing and take-off of aircraft.

He was intoxicated at the time of his arrest.

“It’s a miracle that no one has got hurt,” his colleagues said.

“We could never have even imagined that he was an addict.”

A criminal case has been launched against Kravchenko.

Smoking marijuana in Russia is not punishable in itself, but possessing more than 5 grams of the substance is.


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