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(USA) Medical marijuana for North Carolina?

Is North Carolina on the brink of becoming the fifteenth U.S. state to introduce medical marijuana legislation?

The N.C. House Health Committee considered a proposal today that would ensure exemption from legal prosecution for patients in possession of small amounts of the good stuff.

north carolina medical marijuana supportThe House heard from several North Carolinians who currently use medical marijuana to relieve chronic pain and treat a variety of ailments. Among the speakers, a long-time nurse who testified that smoking marijuana had greatly lessened her level of suffering resulting from a spine and muscular disease.

If North Carolina legislators decide to institute a medical marijuana program, they’ll be hot on the heels of Michigan, which enacted its own program in April of this year. The success of the Proposal 1 ballot in last year’s presidential election resulted in the introduction of legislation that removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients with proper authorization from their physician. Patients suffering from ailments such as cancer, glaucoma and HIV- amongst others- were granted the full legal protection of the State.

Of course, that won’t protect them from the Feds… but that’s another argument, for another article.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that North Carolina will follow suit- at least not yet. The movement has its fair share of enemies, including the ever-influential Christian Action League of North Carolina. In fact, the proposal wasn’t even put to a vote- apparently, it came much too late in the session.

But that doesn’t mean the medical marijuana movement is stalling. No, not by a long shot.

There are a number of other states seriously considering medical marijuana legislation at this time- namely, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois and the Empire State itself, New York.

The medical marijuana juggernaut continues its slow march across the continent… and you can bet your sweet ass I’ll be here to document its progress.

Until next time… stay informed, stay cool and stay LIFTED!

By Wyatt Shev

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