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(USA) California Senate medical marijuana resolution!

California State Senator Mark Leno has introduced Senate Joint Resolution (S.J.R.) 14, calling for a change to U.S. medical marijuana policy.

cannabis medicine legal statesThe resolution urges Congress and the Obama administration to take a number of steps to align national policy with the laws in California and twelve other states that provide protection to medical marijuana patients and caregivers.

S.J.R. 14 is not binding, but if passed it will send a strong message that the California legislature stands behind medical marijuana patients and the compassionate laws they rely on.

The resolution — sponsored by our allies at Americans for Safe Access — urges President Obama and Congress to “move quickly to end federal raids, intimidation, and interference with state medical marijuana laws;” to allow for an affirmative defense in court for those facing federal medical marijuana-related charges; to encourage clinical trials and research into medical marijuana; and to create a medical marijuana policy that “ensures safe and legal access to any patient [who] would benefit from it.”

S.J.R. 14 must make its way out of committee before receiving a full Senate vote and then moving on to the Assembly. Since it’s a non-binding resolution, S.J.R. 14 doesn’t require the governor’s signature. A similar resolution — also authored by Mark Leno, in 2003 — was approved by the full legislature. With your help this can be the third time California has officially called for a change to federal medical marijuana policy — and chances are better than ever that the current administration and Congress will listen.

By Joe Kennelly

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