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The 300+ Outlets Allowed to Sell Recreational Cannabis Starting October 1st in Oregon

Oregon marijuana shops

Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently signed into law a bill that allows medical cannabis dispensaries to sell recreational cannabis to anyone 21 and older beginning October 1st. According to Oregon’s official website, there are currently – as of this publication – 310 medical cannabis dispensaries approved to operate in the state.

Oregon’s website includes a directory of the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries, which can be found by clicking here. Each of these locations will be allowed to sell up to a quarter ounce of recreational cannabis to those 21 and older starting October 1st.

We recommend contacting the outlets prior to October 1st to confirm that they’ll be selling recreational cannabis before showing up to purchase from them (contact information, and addresses, can be found in the directory). It’s also a good idea to confirm beforehand that they’re currently open for business.

In Oregon, as of July 1st, it’s legal for those 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of cannabis in public, and up to eight ounces at a private residence. The personal cultivation of up to four plants is also allowed.

Source: thejointblog.com

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