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Drones to deliver cannabis bought with bitcoins

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Pot smokers in California will soon be able to order marijuana online, pay for it using the virtual currency bitcoin, and have it delivered to them via drone.

San Francisco-based Trees claims to sell “the finest cannabis in the world”, which it delivers to medical marijuana licence holders in the San Francisco Bay area. The company announced this week that it is planning to expand its delivery options to include drones in the near future, once issues with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations are overcome.

“We’re not sure when we’ll be launching yet,” a spokesperson for Trees told IBTimes UK. “We are based in San Francisco and the legal situation here is not clear yet.”

Trees is currently working on a prototype with a drone company and is hoping to bring line of sight deliveries, followed by direct customer deliveries, once approval is granted.

Regulatory issues are also one of the reasons that Trees decided to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Now almost one third of all Trees customers pay using the cryptocurrency.

“Around 30% of our user base uses bitcoin,” the spokesperson said. “We chose bitcoin because it allows us to accept online payments without relying on a third-party banking partner.

By Anthony Cuthbertson
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