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Cannabis smoker caught as he cleaned up grow space

A CANNABIS grower was vacuuming up mess from his crop when police raided his home, a court heard.

cannabis trichomes thc trichsDarren Newcombe, 43, was busy cleaning up remnants of the drug when officers turned up at his one-bed home in Westdale Lane, Carlton, last November.

A search by police found that Newcombe had three supermarket carrier bags full of cropped cannabis.

He even kept some in the freezer, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The cannabis weighed one kilogramme and was valued between £4,000 and £11,000. It originally came from 17 plants.

At Nottingham Crown Court, Newcombe pleaded guilty to production of cannabis.

He was originally accused of possession with intent to supply, but that accusation was dropped.

Newcombe gave a different name to police when they arrived and refused to comment during interview. He later admitted possession of the drug.

The court heard he had not offended since 1998. Judge John Burgess told Matthew Smith, mitigating, that if the charge had been possession with intent to supply, his client would be going to prison.

He told Newcombe: “I don’t know whether you have been very lucky indeed. The prosecution originally charged you with possession with intent to supply. If you go around acquiring that sort of quantity, then you have got to expect to be charged with that sort of offence.

“However, for whatever reason, the prosecution decided not to proceed with that criminal proceeding.

“I will be loyal to the plea, that these drugs were for your own personal consumption.”

The court heard Newcombe suffered from a medical condition, the details of which were not revealed, and that cannabis helped to alleviate it. Mr Smith also said his client had experienced difficulties with the death of his ex-partner.

The judge gave Newcombe, now of Wellington Road, Stapleford, an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He will be supervised by the probation service for 18 months and be required to do 120 hours of unpaid work.


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