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Sensi Seeds and cannabis activism

After 30 years of existence, Sensi Seeds has become in the eyes of many the authority in several different aspects of the cannabis industry.

sensi seeds outdoor seedsNot only has our team applied itself to setting standards in terms of cannabis genetics and ethics in cannabis trade, Sensi Seeds supported and still supports numerous causes that may well define the future of the plant in our modern societies, the world over.

Since 1985, Sensi Seeds has had a myriad of opportunities to associate with the most daring, spirited, and dedicated cannabis activists. It is no secret that Jack Herer, renowned all-round cannabis expert and friend of Ben Dronkers, was a long-time partner in the ever important task of democratizing cannabis and hemp, and in introducing the world to the importance of preserving cannabis genetics. This collaboration blossomed into the now legendary Jack Herer® strain, but has also contributed to the two men’s respective works, which while remaining on parallel pathways for decades, indubitably inspired each other.

Mikki Norris and Chris Conrad, both eminent human rights and cannabis activists, and responsible for designing the beloved Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam, also count among our most treasured collaborators, and our most regular visitors.

But many other celebrated minds have crossed Sensi Seeds’ path. Pr. Lester Grinspoon, Ed Rosenthal, Todd McCormick, Howard Marks aka Mr Nice, Robert Connell Clarke, Mark and Jodie Emery, and many more have become over the years trusted and precious partners, that have inspired Sensi Seeds in many different ways, be it in creating cannabis strains, hosting the most enlightening conferences in the Cannabis College, or even partnering in some of our largest projects.

By Sylent Jay
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