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(USA) Bill would regulate medical marijuana

Lansing —Sen. Wayne Kuipers introduced legislation Wednesday that would develop necessary regulations for medical marijuana use in Michigan, to protect the public and ensure the drug is not abused.

medical marijuana rx Use of medical marijuana was approved by Michigan voters in November 2008 through a statewide ballot initiative.

“This legislation is not meant to condone medical marijuana or undermine the will of the public that overwhelmingly voted to allow marijuana usage for medical purposes,” said Kuipers, R-Holland.

Senate Bill 618, sponsored by Kuipers, would require pharmacists to purchase medical marijuana from licensed growers and provide for the licensure of 10 growers statewide who would be subject to annual inspections.

Other bills included in the package would: Treat medical marijuana the same as other schedule two narcotics and restrict access to the drug; require the drug to be purchased only through a pharmacist with a prescription from a doctor; and make sentences of up to two years in prison for violators.

Senate Bills 616-618 have been sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee for consideration.

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