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Marc Emery, Ed Rosenthal and Eddy Lepp- TIME 4 HEMP PODCAST

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Ed Rosenthal, Eddy Lepp and Marc Emery are three 4-Star Generals in the War On Drugs and they all sat down together to take Time 4 Hemp!

When famous author Ed Rosenthal sat down to talk about joining the

‘Time 4 Hemp’ Potcast News Team, he ended up becoming the Joint-Host when the nations largest marijuana farmers, Eddy and Linda Lepp, and the founders of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Marc and Jodi Emery, joined in for this historic pow-wow.

Eddy and Linda Lepp discuss the end of Eddy’s Medicinal Gardens and the May 18, 2009 court order for him to enter into the United States prison system this summer for a 10 year sentence.

Marc and Jodi Emery discuss the just released last – EVER – printed issue of Cannabis Culture Magazine and his fight against Extradition into the United States prison system that he is set to enter this summer for a 5-10 year sentence.

If you would like to learn more about how to help Eddy Lepp and Marc Emery, please go to:
and http://www.cannabisculture.com

You can learn more about Ed Rosenthal at:

Musical artists featured (in order of appearance):

Edge Michale – The Black Crowes – Richard Hardesty
The Individuals – Jet Baker – Hemp St. Rhythmz
Tall Brothers – GreenFever – Stevie Wonder
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Keep Strong!
Casper Leitch
Host/Creator: Time 4 Hemp

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