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(U.K) Brain tumour man is jailed over drug use

A YOUNG Doncaster man who smoked up to 20 joints of cannabis a day to relieve the pain of a brain tumour has been jailed for eight months.

unjust law britain englandCarl Anthony Wynne, aged 25, wept as the judge at Doncaster Crown Court handed down the sentence for supplying the drug to other people to finance his habit.

The court was told he has a slow-growing tumour which is untreatable and will prove fatal.

Kath Goddard, defending, said he suffered from extremely bad headaches and occasional seizures but did not intend to play the “cancer card” to get out of jail.

“The only type of drug that worked to relieve the pain of his condition was cannabis and that is why the intake of the drug was so high. Using that amount was expensive so he found that he would supply his friends, who were already users so it is not a case of them being corrupted,” said Ms Goddard.

Prosecutor Neil Coxon said police raided Wynne’s home on Langdale Road, Carcroft, last November and found more than £180 worth of skunk cannabis in his bedroom, along with dealing materials, and £269 in cash.

He told the officers he was a habitual heavy user of cannabis and sometimes smoked 20 joints a day. Although he had previous convictions for burglary and dishonesty he had no record for drugs offences, said Mr Coxon.

Wynne pleaded guilty to offences of supplying cannabis between March and November 2008 and possessing it with intent to supply.

Ms Goddard said he had made full and frank admissions and did not supply drugs to others every day in that period. Before his tumour was diagnosed he had a long-standing heroin addiction which he had sought treatment for and medication for that meant only cannabis could ease his pain.

Judge Jacqueline Davies told Wynne: “The supply of any kind of drug is serious. This must result in an immediate custodial sentence.”

She also confiscated the £269 on behalf of South Yorkshire Police


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