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Cannabis Campaigners Demand Statments From Eelection Candidates

Legalise Cannabis campaigners in Britain are calling for definite statements on the legal status of cannabis from all candidates in the forthcoming elections.

legalise cannabis allianceAlun Buffry, 59, who founded the Legalise Cannabis Alliance (LCA) as a political party in said “The LCA contested over 70 elections and we were able to show a significant level of support for legalisation, even though our Party was focussed on that single issue. We also learned that a much larger number of supporters voted for other parties with other policies, but nevertheless the support basis for legalisation is massive.

“But the LCA de-registered as a party in 2006, continuing to fight on as a pressure groups, in the hope that the cause would be followed more publicly by some of the larger parties that have legalisation on their agenda, or individual MP’s.

“But that has not happened – in fact many of us are confused as to where exactly the Parties and their candidates stand.

“To a great number of people it remains a very important issue, and we would like to hear opinions from all the candidates in the forthcoming elections.”

Dilys Wood, Secretary and Coordinator for the LCA, added: “The cannabis issue is not just about the Right to grow and use cannabis in our own homes under the protection of law, but also about medicine, the environment, fuel and pollution, law, education and much more.

“So we are calling on all candidates to let us know what they will do, if elected, to change the law and stop the unjustifiable punishment of victimless cannabis users and ensure equal protection under the law as those who choose to drink alcohol or take tobacco.

“The LCA is calling on all supporters of legalisation to demand an answer from each and every candidate they consider worthy of their vote, and hope that the press will echo this call.

“The debate on legalisation has continued since the 1960’s. Successive Governments have refused to even talk to campaigners.

“Maybe the time has come for us once again the form a political party and raise our own voices in the arena.”

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