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(NZ) Cannabis club under nose of police

A cannabis smoking club is operating right under the nose of police in Auckland.


The Daktory has more than 1,000 members who openly flout the law.

Most people fly to Amsterdam to smoke dope so freely, but just two minutes from a West Auckland police station, members of the cannabis club The Daktory smoke dope every weekend.

“By definition cannabis is an illegal substance and yes we break the law. Every day, every day that I smoke a joint I break the law, sorry,” says Dakta Green, Daktory club founder.

The club is complete with a shop, smoking gear and creature comforts for some 1500 members who go there to smoke cannabis.

“Here we celebrate the cannabis culture. It’s an alcohol free zone, a drug free zone. Here we celebrate cannabis, anything at all to do with cannabis. We’ll talk about it, celebrate it, consume it, says Green.

Reorganisation saw the club close. But it’s back up and running, this time as a BYO.

Neighbours didn’t want to appear on camera, they didn’t want to get involved. But they did tell ONE News, they don’t mind so much what goes on inside The Daktory. Their main concern is the intoxicated members that come out.

Police say they don’t know what goes on inside The Daktory.

“Unless billows of cannabis smoke are coming out the door when we come by and we smell it, we are guided by the principles of the law on how far we can go to invade someone’s privacy, says Detective Sergeant Sean Hyland-Mills of Henderson Police.

But as a result of this story, they say no-one is above the law.

“Anything to do with drugs, is a criminal offence, says Hyland-Mills.

And the police do take it seriously. Last month ONE News was there when Dakta Green was arrested.

He’s currently facing numerous cannabis charges.

But his cannabis smoking haunt, The Daktory, is still up and running.

Source: ONE News



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