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(USA) Proposal To Open First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In South Bay

GILROY — There’s a proposal to open the first medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Clara County. Right now those who have medical marijuana cards have to travel miles to get the drug.

santa clara dispensaryGilroy is weighing a request to convert a location at a strip mall into a dispensary. It definitely has struck a nerve in the community.

One city councilman already knows what his decision will be. “We’re buying ourselves a lot of trouble for probably not much in the way of tax revenue,” says Gilroy City Councilman Bob Dylan.

Those who live in the neighborhood where the dispensary would go have mixed feelings. “What’s it going to bring?” says Ashleigh Rodriguez, “Is it going to cause more problems. If you go to San Francisco or Oakland, they still bring it here.” Arthur Sweeny shares a different view, “I think if it got out of line, police would clamp down on it immediately.”

Advocates for medical marijuana say this dispensary is long overdue and not having one puts medical marijuana users at risk. “If he was trying to procure medical cannabis, he’s basically have to find someone on the street to buy it from and it was costly, he was ripped off several times,” says Batzi Kuburovich, a Morgan Hill realtor who is one of two residents hoping to open the Medileaf dispensary. Kuborovich was talking about his father who had a medical marijuana card before dying from prostrate cancer.

The Gilroy Police department and the city are not commenting on the proposal other than saying they are looking into it.


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