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Trapdoor led police to underground crop of marijuana in Everett

Profits from his first crop reportedly financed more high-tech equipment for the marijuana growing operation stashed under his basement floor.

Bugs are said to have devoured his second and third crops. The cops found his fourth, according to a story in The Herald of Everett.

rat informer tout grass stool pigeonProsecutors earlier this week charged the 50-year-old with manufacturing a controlled substance, a felony.

The Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force late last year seized more than 100 pot plants from under the man’s house, deputy prosecutor Matthew  Baldock wrote in court documents.

Drug detectives say the man went to a lot of trouble to hide the indoor pot farm. Still, he didn’t keep his stash a secret from everyone. An informant ratted him out, police said.

The task force raided the man’s house in December. They pushed a clothes dryer aside and found a trapdoor. Under the door a short ladder led to an area below the basement floor.

by Nick Provenza


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