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Ex-soldier admits supplying cannabis in Edinburgh

An ex-soldier has admitted at the High Court in Edinburgh supplying cannabis worth up to £170,000.

Darren Ormiston, 31, was caught after police out him under surveillance.

9 nine bars cannabis resin soapbarThe court heard that undercover officers from Strathclyde Police saw Ormiston leave the Edinburgh flat in Little John Road he lived in with his girlfriend with a bag and heading to a garage. He was followed to a vacant flat he was supposedly painting for the owner, and was seen dragging a heavy suitcase into the close with another man.

Police later went to his flat and during a search of a garage found 52 bars of cannabis. A further 200 bars were found at the vacant flat, 160 of them in the suitcase.

The court was told that the suitcase weighed so much that the officers were barely able to lift it.

Police also found £25,000 in cash at the flat in Little John Road, and the court was told that Ormiston enjoyed a “high spending lifestyle”.

The prosecutor said Ormiston, who left the Army in 2003, told police during an interview that he was a self-employed builder earning on average £500 a week.

He would not comment on where he had received the cannabis from or how much was paid for it.

The judge, Lord Brailsford, deferred sentence on Ormiston for the preparation of a background report.

Prosecutors served papers on him in the dock to seize profits under proceeds of crime legislation.


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