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Try Telling That to Someone with MS

Today I read a post on the ONDCP’s blog with the headline “New Study: Medical Pot Ineffective as Acute Pain Treatment.”

Naturally, this piqued my curiosity. According to The Washington Post, a group of medical researchers from Vienna, Austria, discovered that  “Oral cannabis (a form of medical marijuana) was ineffective in treating certain types of acute pain and actually increased sensitivity to some other kinds of discomfort.”

For posterity’s sake, let’s quickly compare and contrast smoked/vaporized cannabis vs. oral cannabis.

Patients using marijuana for nausea might expel (read: vomit up) a pill before they have digested it.

Oral cannabis is expensive and takes about an hour to start working.

Smoked/vaporized cannabis is inexpensive (patients can grow it themselves), and it begins working almost instantaneously, providing rapid relief.

Oral cannabis has predetermined doses that might be too much/not enough. Ergo, I have serious misgivings that this study provides a comprehensive analysis of marijuana’s affects on chronic pain (especially considering that the subjects of said study were 18 “healthy women”).

My favorite part about this blog post, though, is that the ONDCP only copy-pasted the part of the Washington Post article that supported their own (wrong) point of view.

The original and complete version actually goes on to say, albeit belatedly, that “cannabis may remain a viable treatment option for certain types of chronic pain.” I, for one, am inclined to agree.

Posted by Ellen


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