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Gang run up electricity bill growing cannabis in Belfast

Cops last night stepped up the search for a Chinese crime gang who ran up a £30,000 electricity bill growing cannabis.

save money growing cannabis electricictySunday Life can reveal the whopping debt was left to an unsuspecting landlord in north Belfast after he discoverd the propery was being used as a drug factory.

A senior police source told us how the gang had knocked walls down, rewired the the building, sealed all windows and installed dozens of lamps, heaters and insulation in a bid to create heat for their plants. Police had also removed 300 plant pots from the propery after the Chinese man who had rented the house fled.

Landlords across Northern Ireland are now being hit with huge repair costs for their properties and are having trouble with insurance companys who are refusing to pay out.

The top police source told us the criminal gang were ”extremely sophisticated”.
Said the source ”these guys must have a background in electrical work becasue they know what there doing.  They are rewiring entire properties to generate enough power to cultivate there plants and its no suprise its costing huge amounts of money”.

Cops believe the same gang are responsible for running up a huge £10,000 electric debt at properties in Killyleagh and Castlewellan areas.

By Stephen Breen
Source: Sunday Life

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