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Pot that’s Good for Your Skin

Hemp products are sprouting up like weeds. Now a Beverly Hills company brings the heralded hemp to beauty products.

hemp 420 organic washWhile the debate over marijuana rages on, the use of hemp continues to gain popularity. Increasingly found in every day products such as paper and clothing there is one company that is bringing it back into the medicine cabinet – where activists and product lovers say it belongs.

Beverly Hills based 420 Hemp, LLC produces a full range of body care products made with ultra-moisturizing, omega packed hemp oil. With summer and its drying effects right around the, it’s time to take a hit with one of Hemp 420’s body care products, each of which is $14.95. 420 Hemp’s  Organic Hemp Therapy Shampoo also contains grapefruit oil to leave your hair and body clean but not dried out; it’s a beautiful way to wash out the remains of a day at the beach.

Or, maybe the Therapy Body Lotion is what the doctor ordered to make summer smooth sailing – at least for your skin.

The products smell like the essential oils with which they are made and can be used in the bathroom without opening the window afterward – trust me, you won’t want the floral fragrance of these products to escape outside.

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